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Airport Danny Partridge

Music has been a major staple of The Katherine Gianaclis Park for the Arts from the very beginning, in fact, Citylife Magazine once proclaimed the KGPA the best place in Las Vegas where you can still hear live local music. I don’t like to gloat but we beat out the Hard Rock and the House of Blues and even the caves.  It felt pretty good. We’ve had musicians who came solo, bands of all kinds, events, scenes, live art with music. Just about everything. So it only makes sense to keep the ball rolling and start a website connected with the KGPA dedicated to our music.


I call it Airport Danny Partridge because I liked it as the name for a band. Did you know that Danny Partridge didn’t even really know how to play guitar but he still played guitar for the family band? It’s a band that never was as well as a website where you can read about the music at the kgpa and buy tickets for shows. But always, for me, it will be a band and then I decided that I would do it.


I had the name. All I needed was the band. Airport Danny Partridge is an ever changing cacophony of sound with different members at an average kgpa event. We let you play instruments, promote such obscure things as singing and drumming and mostly are just open to the new sounds. We try to have something for everybody be it a rattle or a shaker. Whatever. Or you can just sit quietly and listen. I like to do that a lot. Just listen.




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