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Waiver Denied – The Clearing of the Original Park

My objective in seeking this waiver is to preserve the rich history of my property. The object is a classic trailer from either the 1940s or 1950s that was being … Continue reading

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the good old days at the kgpa

By Joey C. Kantor I started the Katherine Gianaclis Park for the Arts in March of 2002 with the help of the arts cooperative Laser Vida. I had met the … Continue reading

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The Son’s Attempt at an Historical Sketch of His Mother by Joey Kantor.

The son’s attempt at an historical sketch of his mother By Joey Kantor There was a lot of living done for Katherine Gianaclis. Her history was one in touch with … Continue reading

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A kgpatheatre Historical. Las Vegas Weekly. 2011.

Stage against the machine: The new generation of theatrical upstarts Tweet Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Email Mar 01, 2011 by David McKee In a city mired in musicals, a new uprising … Continue reading

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KGPA Historical – Closing Letter 2010.

Today is the last day of the dream of the park for the arts. I decided today that I will no longer ponder the possibilities for a community with a … Continue reading

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Park for the Arts a paradise for budding playwrights – Anthony Del Valle -LVRJ

March 13, 2009 – 9:00 pm The Katherine Gianaclis Park for the Arts looks like either a junkyard or an antique paradise. The small, fenced-in area at 5690 Boulder Highway, … Continue reading

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Airport Danny Partridge

Music has been a major staple of The Katherine Gianaclis Park for the Arts from the very beginning, in fact, Citylife Magazine once proclaimed the KGPA the best place in … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Art Museum – Curator Statement – Katherine Gianaclis: Las Vegas’s Unknown Great Artist; paintings from the 1960s and the 1990s.

Katherine Gianaclis in the Desert Dr. James Mann Las Vegas Art Museum The exhibition of these works by the late Katherine Gianaclis, painted in Las Vegas in the 1960s effects … Continue reading

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What It’s All About

The Katherine Gianaclis Park for the Arts is in a period of transitions. Joey Kantor, son of Katherine Gianaclis, is back in Las Vegas from Boston and has a few … Continue reading

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Katherine Gianaclis – the Artist

Katherine Gianaclis was the foremost muralist during the latter period of the Ratpack era of Las Vegas, Nevada in the late 1960s. No other artist in Las Vegas history has … Continue reading

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