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KGPA Historical – Closing Letter 2010.

Today is the last day of the dream of the park for the arts. I decided today that I will no longer ponder the possibilities for a community with a simple piece of land like this for they are too many and immense in scope. Solutions are there waiting to be implemented if only we could allow ourselves to do it. They are not solutions made by a government or a governing body, but by individuals who want to go forward and bring about a new and different type of world, one that is peaceful and kind and loving. For every great idea and person willing to attempt to carry it out there are many who will oppose. Their opposition is often stronger than the person with the solution and they often win. This should not constrain the person from trying to do good in other ways. If one way fails seek another and bring the goodness of your heart into the light for all to see anyway. One dream’s failure does not mean the failure of all dreams. Ignorance is powerful, an often overwhelming force, but it need not dictate your decisions concerning the way that you believe the world should be. Perhaps if everybody could have just a little success at making the world a better place then it would add up and the world would actually become such a place.

Art is Dead

I am alive

Joey Craig Kantor

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