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Waiver Denied – The Clearing of the Original Park

My objective in seeking this waiver is to preserve the rich history of my property. The object is a classic trailer from either the 1940s or 1950s that was being preserved by my mother and possibly even my grandfather as long as 40 years ago. It enhances the property greatly and has drawn admiration and awe by all who have seen it. It fits well in the overall landscape, adhering to the overall “old Las Vegas” manner of the property. It is an integral portion of the property, which seeks to remain a Las Vegas original in that it celebrates the history of our city rather than negate it.  If circumstances allow it, the trailer will be a part of a property that East Las Vegas and the County will be proud of in the future. The trailer can be used for storage, as an outdoor movie screen during art events (which was a common practice when I had my art gallery), and would make an excellent kitchen for a park accompanying a museum. It has much sentimental value as well, since it was much loved by my mother, Katherine Gianaclis, whose artwork has been hailed as among the greatest ever produced by a Las Vegas artist by the Las Vegas Art Museum. 


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